How Does Chiropractic Affect Headaches?

For many years it has been said that the DC after a Doctor of Chiropractic’s name also stands for “Doctor of Cause” because chiropractors correct the cause of a patient’s health problems, rather than give painkillers and other drugs which only treat the symptoms or suppress the disease symptoms and drive them deeper. 

A team of surgeons may have found one of the answers as to why chiropractic works so well. They discovered a small neck muscle that connects to the brain membranes. When the neck is out of alignment, this muscle can actually pull on the brain! As the lead surgeon writes: “An increasing body of literature relates headaches to pathology affecting the cervical spine and a number of clinical trials have demonstrated that chiropractic is valuable for managing headaches.”



What Puts The Ache In Headache?

The ache in headache does not come from your brain, your brain cannot feel pain. During brain surgery a patient is often wide awake feeling nothing, even talking to the surgeons and nurses while his/her brain is being operated on (a local anesthetic numbs the scalp). So what puts the “ache” in headache? It’s the non-brain structures: blood vessels, membranes and cranial nerves in the brain and skull. When these structures are stretched, compressed, irritated, inflamed or infected, headaches often result.


The Chiropractic Approach

Why do millions of headache sufferers turn to the natural, drug-free chiropractic approach to health? That’s because chiropractic has a unique healing approach. Chiropractors are the only health professionals trained to analyze your body for serious and often ignored conditions that can damage your nerves, cause tissue inflammation, cause muscles to tighten and knot, weaken your body, cause fatigue and set the stage for sickness and disease. This condition is called the subluxation.

Just as you may have a cavity in your tooth and be unaware of the damage it’s causing, so the subluxation may be causing serious harm to your body, sometimes for years, without your knowledge.

What exactly is a subluxation? A subluxation is a tiny distortion or misalignment in your spine and body structure that stresses your nervous system. Any physical or emotional stress that your body can’t
withstand can cause your body to develop a subluxation.

How Long Will It Take?

It depends. Some patients report dramatic relief after just one adjustment. Others may take months of care to finally resolve the headaches. Everyone is different in how they respond to care. An analysis of 47 studies of chiropractic for headaches, neck pain and upper back pain revealed that it took (on average) 7.7 visits to see a 46.5% improvement in these conditions and 17 visits to completely resolve them.

Many studies and clinical reports repeatedly reveal that anyone suffering from headaches should seek out chiropractic care.